Ravana (Tosakanth)

  • Tosakanth is the most powerful demon character in the khon drama, he was the king of Lanka.
  • Tosakanth’s GREEN face (A dark green as compared to Phra Rama)  is highlighted with blue and gold lines and bright red lips.
  • He is characterized by bulging eyes with a snarling mouth and curving, tusk-like canine teeth.
  • His crown is his most distinguishing feature. He is the only character with a three-tiered crown. It is also classified as a crown of Victory. This face represents Tosakanth’s ten faces. The top level of the crown is the face of a celestial being as Thai people do not consider Tosakanth completely evil. He is good but behaves badly at times.
  • Locals believe that gifting soveniours of Tosakanth and other demon characters help to eliminate any bad luck and is considered as a sign of good luck.
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Material: Paper-mache, rice flour paste as adhesive, resin powder color pigments, gold leaf and synthetic studded jewels and wooden stand.



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