Tree Lamp

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  • Original preserved tree branch  with focus lamp
  • Wooden black base
  • Dimension: Height: 65inch* Width: 26inch
  • Colour: White
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We only realize value of things when they gone.

Today in our fast moving life there is one thing we all crave for is being close to mother nature. Ironically the country life is now the most aspired side of living for many. As its not only because nature is so beautiful but its also so welcoming, so calming, so enriching and to many it has been transforming.

Because of limitation of space many still dream of a house with a tiny garden  area, maybe due to insufficient sunlight or the time investment in nurturing it. If you one amongst this lot and then these lamps are the closest you can have.

Original tree branches treated well and preserved to hold its most delicate tiniest branch to precision. There’s a lot of love and care that goes into preserving these special tree parts. We can assure you that having these lamps can itself make you feel connected to nature. Its a defining statement in your living space.

Made from a tooth brush tree grown in northern Thailand and Loas region and treated to precision and love.

Dimension: Height: 40inches * Width: 26inches


Black, Blue, Brown, Orange, Yellow


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